Colleges and Universities in the United States of America (USA) by State/ Possession

For a list of all the Public & Private Colleges and Universities in US by State/ Possession, including links to the College's/ University's Profile (mailing address, important phone numbers, links to college/ university homepage, degrees and programs offered), choose the state/ possession of your choice using one of the following three search criteria:

US Map :

Click on the State of your choice for a list of all the colleges and universities in that state.
Wyoming Wisconsin Washington West Virginia Virginia Vermont Utah Texas Tennessee South Dakota South Carolina Rhode Island Pennsylvania Oregon Oklahoma Ohio North Dakota North Carolina New York New Mexico New Jersey New Hampshire Navada Nebraska Montana Missouri Mississippi Minnesota Michigan Massachusetts Maryland Maine Louisiana Kentucky Kansas Iowa Indiana Illinois Idaho Hawaii Georgia Florida District of Columbia Delaware Connecticut Colorado California Arkansas Arizona Alaska Alabama

College and University distribution by State/ Possession

Click on the State/ Possession of your choice from the following distribution showing the number of Colleges and Universities in the corresponding State/ Possession of US:
Alaska AK 35
Alabama AL 129
Arkansas AR 108
American Samoa AS 1
Arizona AZ 155
California CA 1246
Colorado CO 171
Connecticut CT 114
District of Columbia DC 33
Delaware DE 23
Florida FL 439
Federated States of Micronesia FM 4
Georgia GA 210
Guam GU 2
Hawaii HI 43
Iowa IA 107
Idaho ID 33
Illinois IL 391
Indiana IN 175
Kansas KS 99
Kentucky KY 165
Louisiana LA 173
Massachusetts MA 261
Maryland MD 148
Maine ME 60
Marshall Islands MH 2
Michigan MI 302
Minnesota MN 169
Missouri MO 242
Northern Mariana Islands MP 1
Mississippi MS 69
Montana MT 54
North Carolina NC 188
North Dakota ND 30
Nebraska NE 68
New Hampshire NH 43
New Jersey NJ 207
New Mexico NM 61
Nevada NV 77
New York NY 632
Ohio OH 386
Oklahoma OK 158
Oregon OR 125
Pennsylvania PA 544
Puerto Rico PR 161
Palau PW 1
Rhode Island RI 37
South Carolina SC 97
South Dakota SD 33
Tennessee TN 191
Texas TX 506
Utah UT 60
Virginia VA 222
Virgin Islands VI 2
Vermont VT 32
Washington WA 164
Wisconsin WI 132
West Virginia WV 99
Wyoming WY 17

Colleges and Universities in US by Region:

Following is the distribution of the States/ Possessions of the United States of America by Region. Click on the State of your interest for a list of all the Private & Public Colleges and Universities in that State.

About the United States of America:

The United States of America also referred to as 'the United States', 'the US', 'the USA', 'America' (more loosely), 'the States' (colloquially), and 'Columbia' (poetically) is a federal republic of 50 states with 1 Federal District and 14 other Insular Areas/ Possessions, located primarily in central North America.

In the United States, education is a state, not federal, responsibility, and the laws and standards vary considerably. After high school (twelfth), students have a choice of attending either a public/state university, a private university, entering the workforce, or enlisting in the military. Public universities receive funding from the federal and state government but students still pay tuition, which can vary depending on the university, state, and whether the student is a resident of the state or not. Tuition at private universities tends to be much higher than at public universities. For more information, visit Wikipedia

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